Otoport Advance

Advanced clinical OAEs


Clinical level


Protocols with editable names


2-16 pts/oct
13 frequencies

Advanced clinical OAEs

The Otoport Advance is the top of the range Otoport, an enhanced DPOAE AND TEOAE clinical handheld instrument, boasting powerful multi-processor internal architecture. Providing detailed test information enabling raw data recall, in-depth analysis and compare of results on the instrument or on PC using the ILOV6 software supplied. Configurable settings facilitate traceable protocols. Programmable test ‘macros’ allow automated monitoring of OAEs over time at multiple levels with Smart SNR, configurable -15 to 0

High quality 13 frequency DPgrams with settable normative range markers
DP growth I/O function analysis, dB/dB and scissor modes. Intelligent or manual test progress management for fast testing
Detailed numerical data available with each test result. Stimulus, response noise levels plus signal to noise ration SNR
DP zoom focuses on a specific range of frequencies in high resolution (up to 16 pts/oct) to explore details
Comprehensive TEOAE analysis. , high resolution spectrum
View TEOAE waveform
View TEOAE signal and noise histogram
View TEOAE numerical data
In-Ear Calibration ensuring accurate results
Multi Test macro (x4 protocals) function- build a protocol giving a sequence of DP and/or TE tests
Comprehensive automatic or manual test setup of parameter, protocol and individual clinical pass criteria
Configurable as a simple-to-use TEOAE automated screener for hearing screening applications
Configurable as a simple-to-use DPOAE automated screener
Programmable Worklist and downloadable secure database
Searchable1000 tests storage listed in chronological order with on-screen test result summary table. Detailed demographic data
Extensive patient database fields Enter Full Patient demographic data as needed
Dedicated QA test area & history view. On board Probe test facility and Probe ID tracking
Extensive protocol control with login and administrator functions
Create multiple user logins with password protection with Admin control if required
Long battery life – up to 250 test cycles or one full working week


Wireless Connection: Included

Transfer data wirelessly to the Otolink suite. Print wirelessly to the Otodynamics Mini printer.

Docking Station: Included

The docking station provides full connectivity to the OAE Otoport, PC, printer and charger. Configure your Otoport to download and/or print result once placed in docked, either via wired or wirlessly

(not compatible with ABR sleeve)


Highly effective with children the visual distraction displays provides 3 animations, engaging the child, helping keep them quiet. The animation gradually fills with colour if the child is quiet but colour fades when child is noisy.

ILO v6 SOFTWARE: Included

Transfer data from Otolink to our ILO-V6 OAE analysis software with tracked integration into the Echoport V6 database,and exporting to OZ, Hitrack, ASCII, XML, archive. Compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7.


Manage your data easily and efficiently with the Otolink PC patient data management suite. Download test results wirelessly* or via USB from the Otoport or when docked in the docking station**. Test details can be quickly reviewed, printed and archived. Printing reports directly to PDF file is available. Data can be exported, for example, to Oz, Hi Track, GDT, Noah*** or as CSV file. Patient work lists can be uploaded to the Otoport, assisting with managing workloads in busy environments. Otolink also provides access to firmware and application updates from Otodynamics via the internet.
Compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7.

With wireless connection option ** With docking station option *** With Noah option


Light weight and portable with easy-to-use keypad On screen notification of poor probe fit, high noise level and ringing stimulus
Automated self-test system when powering on Otoport Each test is saved with the actual physiological response
Intuitive test progress graphic displaying signal to noise progress Comprehensive probe fit and noise level indicators
Long battery life – up to 250 test cycles or one full working week On board Probe test facility and Probe ID tracking


Otodynamics was the first with a right angled probe, designed to be small, light weight and easy to fit to help achieve a good probe fit.


2 year instrument warranty is provided with all Otoports. Additional warranty is available if required ask for details.


TEST CONFIGURABILITY 7 Protocols, 16 Parameters 3 Protocols, 16 Parameters
FREQ. RANGE (kHz) 1 to 8 kHz, 13 Frequencies 1, 1.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 kHz
FREQ. RESOLUTION Up to 16 pts/octave 80Hz or 1/2 Octave bandwidth
STIMULUS LEVELS (dBSPL) 40 to 75 (Δ5dB) 60 to 90 (Δ1db)
PASS CRITERIA 9 Parameters 7 Parameters
PASS SNR 1 to 14dB per band (Δ1dB) 1 to 14dB (Δ1dB)